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Portrait of the artist Gurudarshan Khalsa

I teach to uplift the consciousness of humanity. Kundalini Yoga is the Science of Awareness. This means that as you do more Kundalini Yoga, you become more aware of yourself in a holistic way. This approach heals aspects of your psyche without having to “figuring it out”. Awakening the psyche, activating the chakras, and healing yourself in the cellular matrix is a divine gift. All you have to do is show up and do the practice. The shift in consciousness experienced in Kundalini Yoga is then spread to the rest of your life and to all those you touch.

Gurudarshan Khalsa is an artist, teacher, photographer, publisher, and life coach. Currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she is dedicated to sharing her spiritual awareness to uplift the consciousness of humanity through her creative talents.

In addition to publishing the Kundalini Blessings deck, in 2013 she produced a new body of healing artwork called the Visual Language of Healing. She edits her photographs in a style that helps activate a person’s imagination and spirit through creating magical dimensions from nature.

This work was created while she was recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Initially, the creative process was a cathartic outlet that brought her peace and soothed her being. Later, she discovered that the images balanced her brain and whole self.

Her artwork infuses the upbringing in the Kundalini Yoga tradition in combination with the love of sacred geometry. When she photographs, she captures the Fibonacci patterns of Mother Earth. The central line of the symmetry for the artwork is a mirror of our own self, representing the ascending path of the Kundalini energy. These pieces hold the power of healing and balance through the language of creativity.

She is dedicating her life to sharing her creative talents and spiritual awareness to uplift the consciousness of humanity.

You can see her artwork at www.gdkartist.com

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